CPII revolutionizes real-time Budget Speech information summarization for RTHK 32 TV broadcasts with Generative AI and advanced AI technologies

CPII revolutionizes real-time Budget Speech information summarization for RTHK 32 TV broadcasts with Generative AI and advanced AI technologies

The Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence (CPII), the InnoCentre focusing on Artificial Intelligence, led by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has collaborated with Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) to revolutionize information summarization for live events. Leveraging cutting-edge AI research and development, CPII has enabled seamless integration of trilingual speech recognition, translation, automatic error correction, and summarization into real-time broadcasting of the Budget Speech delivered by the Financial Secretary, followed by the Budget Press Conference.

The Budget Speech and Press Conference, vital events in the financial calendar, demand accurate and timely dissemination of key information to the public. With CPII’s innovative AI technologies, the RTHK 32 TV Broadcasts offered audiences comprehensive insights into critical information and updates.

Key features of CPII’s AI technologies include:

  1. Trilingual Speech Recognition to transcribe live streaming speech audio in Cantonese, English, Mandarin, as well as code-switching across these three languages, ensuring seamless communication.
  2. Cantonese-to-English Translation for automatic translation of transcribed Cantonese speech into English text, facilitating broader accessibility and understanding for diverse audiences.
  3. Automatic Error Correction and Punctuation Insertion to automatically correct speech recognition errors and insert punctuation into speech transcripts, enhancing readability and clarity of the content.
  4. Generative AI Summarization to generate concise summaries highlighting key facts and insights from the Budget Speech and Press Conference.

During the live broadcasts, CPII’s Meeting Assistant technologies supported real-time, automatic speech-to-text summarization and translation. The spoken audio is transmitted to a trilingual speech recognition engine for instantaneous transcription. The transcripts appear as automatically generated paragraphs, which can be further condensed through automatic summarization using Generative AI. Also, the Chinese transcripts were automatically translated by CPII’s machine translation model into English. All these technologies developed by CPII aim to streamline the information workflow in broadcasting to raise operational efficiency.

CPII’s AI technologies also presented summarized highlights as rolling bullet points alongside the RTHK 32 TV Live Streamed Broadcasts. This dynamic presentation format offers viewers immediate access to crucial information, enhancing their understanding of the Budget Speech and Press Conference proceedings.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with RTHK to enhance the coverage of the Budget Speech and Press Conference,” said Professor Helen Meng, Director of CPII. “By leveraging our AI technologies, we aim to provide audiences with streamlined access to essential information”.

“The integration of CPII’s AI technologies marks a significant milestone in our efforts to provide enhanced coverage of important events,” said Ms. Natalie Chan, Assistant Director (Television and Corporate Business) of RTHK. “These advanced technologies ensure that our viewers receive timely and enriched information, furthering our commitment to delivering high-quality programming.”

About CPII: The Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence (CPII) is an InnoCentre focusing on R&D of Artificial Intelligence, established by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and funded by the InnoHK Scheme. CPII is running research programs covering Speech & Language Intelligence and Visual Intelligence, as well as developing applications for Vision- and Language- based Healthcare AI, Vision-based Urban Services, and AI-Enabled Design and Automation. With a commitment to innovation, CPII aims to pioneer strong differentiation and value propositions within industries in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, catalyzing digital transformation by redefining existing processes and services.

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