CPII ChatDoc Master

Principal Investigator

Professor Helen MENG

Patrick Huen Wing Ming Professor of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management

Department of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Helen Meng leads the interdisciplinary research team that received the first Theme-based Research Scheme Project in Artificial Intelligence in 2019 from the HKSAR Government’s Research Grants Council. 


CPII ChatDoc Master

Developed by the Conversational AI Lab led by Prof. Helen Meng and Dr. Pengfei Liu, CPII ChatDoc Master is a no-code AI tool that analyzes websites and PDFs, providing knowledge-grounded answers to all questions users have regarding their documents.

Support Both Websites and PDFs

Whether users need to gather data from reports, invoices, articles, or any other PDF files or websites, CPII ChatDoc Master has got them covered.

Provide Knowledge-Grounded Answers

CPII ChatDoc Master extracts crucial details from the documents users upload and generates a chatbot that provides accurate responses.

Support Multi-Turn Conversation

CPII ChatDoc Master engages in dynamic conversations with users, allowing them to ask follow-up questions and receive contextually relevant answers. 

Prioritize Data Security

CPII ChatDoc Master stores user information in local servers, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and breaches.