In the Lead Forum

Prof. Helen Meng, our Centre Director, attended the “In the Lead” forum organized by Goldman Sachs

CPII is pleased to announce that our Centre Director, Prof. Helen Meng, had the honor of participating as a speaker in the “In the Lead” forum hosted by Goldman Sachs. The forum, held for the first time in Asia this year on 7th March in Hong Kong, an inspiring community of accomplished women who build upon each other’s experiences, successes and ambitions and propel each other even further.

During the forum, Prof. Helen Meng engaged in a conversation with Marie Louise Kirk, Chief Administrative Officer, Asia Pacific, and Head of Engineering, Asia Pacific. They discussed the applications of AI in different areas, such as chatbots and medical image interpretation. Prof. Meng emphasized the importance of key components in AI regulation, including transparency in AI model training and output logic, data privacy concerns when using personal or confidential data for training large language models, considerations of biases and fairness in AI model training, and the adherence to ethical principles in AI development. These aspects should receive significant attention and be prioritized.

Prof. Meng’s participation in the “In the Lead” forum further exemplifies our Centre’s commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and exploring cutting-edge topics. We extend our congratulations to Prof. Meng for her valuable contributions to the forum and her continuous exploration of the intersection between artificial intelligence and society.

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