Media Coverage Recap: CPII and RTHK MOU Signing Ceremony

Media Coverage Recap: CPII and RTHK MOU Signing Ceremony

CPII is pleased to announce that CPII and RTHK MOU Signing Ceremony were successfully held on 5th January 2024. The ceremony marked a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation between the public broadcasting institution and the research community, particularly in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology for public broadcasting services and facilitating the application of research findings across various sectors.

We are grateful for the support and recognition received from various media, including


  1. RTHK English News
    RTHK signs agreements to promote technology use



  1. Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau
    【香港電台攜手本地創科界 共同推動智慧合作 增強香港競爭力】
  2. RTHK VNEWS 港電台視像新聞 
  3. RTHK香港電台《追蹤31》
    追蹤31 – 博智感知交互硏究中心與香港電台合作協議簽署儀式
  4. RTHK 凝聚香港 Hong Kong United
  5. RTHK中文即時新聞
    港台與中大研究中心合作 測試媒體製作及廣播場景中應用AI技術
  6. Mingpao
    港台與InnoHK簽合作備忘錄 研多語言語音AI加快節目製作 (17:52)港聞/article/20240105/s00001/1704447920737/港台與innohk簽合作備忘錄-研多語言語音ai加快節目製作
  7. Wenweipo
    港台與中大合作 開放資料庫助研AI
  8. Hong Kong Economic Journal
  9. Hong Kong Economic Times
    【人工智能】港台與博智感知交互研究中心簽訂合作協議 以AI提升公共廣播服務【人工智能】港台與博智感知交互研究中心簽訂合作協議%E3%80%80以AI提升公共廣播服務
  10. Sing Tao Headline
    港台與兩機構簽合作協議 發展智慧廣播 擬推虛擬手語翻譯員港台與兩機構簽合作協議-發展智慧廣播-擬推虛擬手語翻譯員
  11. Hong Kong Economic Times
    公共廣播媒體製作 擬拓AI應用  中大夥港台測試 研首個粵語文本仿聲公共廣播媒體製作%20擬拓AI應用