Press Release for Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence and Radio Television Hong Kong signing MOU

Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence and Radio Television Hong Kong sign MOU to develop and apply artificial intelligence in public broadcasting services

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)’s Centre for Perceptual and Interactive and Intelligence (CPII) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 5 Jan 2024 to collaborate in integrating artificial intelligence into public broadcasting services. The agreement is a major step towards translating advanced research into practical, real-world applications.

The ceremony was officiated over by Professor Dong Sun, JP, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry of HKSAR, Professor Helen Meng, Director of CPII, and Mr Eddie Cheung Kwok Choi, JP, Director of Broadcasting of HKSAR, signed the MOU, witnessed by Professor Sun and Professor Daniel Lee, Associate Vice-President of CUHK. Under the MOU, the R&D work will be empowered by extensive data from RTHK, while CPII is set to deploy its cutting-edge AI technologies in speech and language intelligence, which are adept in processing and analysing textual data, as well as recorded speech. These technologies can proficiently execute real-time speech-to-text and text-to-speech translation, and enable public broadcasting services and society to benefit from the InnoHK Platform’s advanced research and technology.

Professor Sun expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasising that the strategic integration of advanced AI will not only streamline media broadcasting operations but also make a crucial contribution to advancing Hong Kong’s ambitious smart digital government initiatives.

Professor Meng emphasised the CPII’s commitment to developing culturally informed AI technologies tailored to Hong Kong’s unique trilingual context, with RTHK providing data that will enhance AI performance. This collaboration exemplified the synergy between media and R&D, driving advances in society.

Mr Cheung remarked on RTHK’s dedication to incorporating new technologies, including AI, in its broadcasting services. This partnership with CPII is expected to foster technological innovation in public service, leveraging the strengths of both parties.

Professor Meng and her research team demonstrated their speech intelligence technologies such as the “CPII ChatDoc Master”, the “CPII Meeting Assistant Speech to Summary”, and “The First Controllable Cantonese Text-to-Personalized Speech Generation”.

The CPII-RTHK partnership sets the stage for ground-breaking developments in AI for public broadcasting, with the aim of taking media production and broadcasting services to new heights.

5 January 2024

Media Contact: CPII (Tel: 3692 6600), RTHK (Kanas Hui: 2867 3320)


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