CUHK Innovation Day 2023 - Post Event

CPII Showcases Groundbreaking Innovations at CUHK Innovation Day 2023

As one of the CUHK InnoHK Centres, CPII was invited to showcase our research and development works at CUHK Innovation Day 2023 on 21 September. Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, Mr. Ivan LEE, visited our booth and displayed significant interest in our groundbreaking projects.

During CUHK Innovation Day 2023, our Program Leader and Principal Investigator, Prof. Yeung Yam delivered a thematic talk that showcased CPII’s cutting-edge research and innovations in AI-enabled personalized design and fabrication.

Prof. Yam presented several key innovations, including the incorporation of a 3D Photogrammetry Scanner, an industrial full-automatic knitting machine, and the 4D knitting technology. The 3D Photogrammetry Scanner enables the complete digitization of a human subject’s key features. The industrial full-automatic knitting machine automates the creation of knitting maps based on a given 3D design, streamlining the knitting process. The knitting technology combines 3D and motion dimensions to generate customized knitting maps that enhance elasticity and pressure in specific regions. This integration forms an end-to-end process that encompasses 3D scanning, design, and the production of the final product.

These advancements are aimed at designing and fabricating personalized wearables and devices that are specifically tailored to support their intended functions and purposes.

The whole thematic talk can be reviewed on the following website: