CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2023

CPII AI Meeting Assistant Featured at CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2023 Grand Opening Ceremony: Providing Automatic Real-Time Close Captioning and Translation

CPII is pleased to participate in the CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2023, which featured an exhibition, thematic seminars, interactive displays, and an entrepreneurship competition. As a CUHK InnoHK Centre, CPII was honored to exhibit our own innovations in artificial intelligence at this annual event.

We were honored to receive distinguished guests at our booth, including Prof. Sun Dong, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Professor Rocky Tuan, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, and Professor Anthony Chan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK. Their visit demonstrated strong support for CPII’s innovations in AI. Besides, we are proud to highlight that one of our inventions, CPII AI Meeting Assistant, was applied during the grand opening ceremony and keynote speech. CPII AI Meeting Assistant is our invented technology which could provide simultaneous interpretation and translation from Cantonese or Putonghua voice to English text. 

Moving forward, CPII will continuously refine our technology to realize the full potential of artificial intelligence, and help to drive transformative impacts across diverse industries.

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