CUHK Innovation Day 2023

Prof. Yeung Yam Thematic Talk on “Fabrication and AI-enabled Applications of 3D-formed Composite Materials” at CUHK Innovation Day 2023

As one of the CUHK InnoHK Centres, Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence (CPII) is honored to participate in the CUHK Innovation Day 2023 – an annual technology extravaganza which will feature thematic talks from the distinguished InnoHK Centres and an exhibition highlighting outstanding start-up projects.

Our Program Leader and Principal Investigator, Prof. Yeung Yam, will deliver a thematic talk entitled “Fabrication and AI-enabled Applications of 3D-formed Composite Materials” which will provide valuable insights into CPII’s integration of novel substances like carbon fiber into wearable fabrics to augment their capabilities.


Thematic Talk Details
Date: 21 September, 2023
Time: 11:45am – 12:45pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, G/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK
Speaker: Prof. Yeung Yam

Topic: Fabrication and AI-enabled Applications of 3D-formed Composite Materials
Abstract: A key objective in the research of AI-enabled personalized design and fabrication at CPII is the incorporation of novel materials to wearable fabrics for enhanced applications. Normal knitting process, with its characteristic loop structure, is limited for this purpose — materials such as carbon fibre, for example, tend to break during the looping process or even damage the knitting machine due to their high stiffness. On the other hand, weaving can readily handle these materials because its stitching structure is basically composed of straight weft and warp threads. In this talk, we will introduce the development of a computer-controlled weaving machine prototype capable of incorporating non-traditional materials in the fabrics. The prototype is able to execute the 3D form fitting technology developed in our laboratory intended originally for knitting machines. So far, our weaving prototype has produced 3D fabrics embedding materials that include carbon fibres, optical fibres, and conductive threads. These the 3D-formed composite materials will have strong potential in fashion design, wearable devices and serving as touching/touchless sensors for close-proximity human-robot collaboration. Moving forward, AI-based techniques will be applied for enhanced interpretation of sensory signals from these 3D fabrics to facilitate their future applications.


Exhibition Booths Details
Date: 21 September, 2023
Time: 9:15am – 17:00pm
Venue: G/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK


CUHK Innovation Day 2023 boasts the participation of nearly 40 parties. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend thematic talks and explore the latest innovative technologies from various parties through the exhibition.

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