Design and Fabrication for Enhanced Intelligence Robotic Perception - Post Event

Design and Fabrication for Enhanced Intelligence and Robotic Perception

CPII is pleased to announce the jointly organized seminar “CPII-MIT-UoM Forum: Design and Fabrication for Enhanced Intelligence and Robotic Perception” is successfully held on 21 March 2024. Our Centre Director, Professor Meng and The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Albert Wong gave a welcoming remarks to the audience before the seminar started. Our collaborators, Professor John Hart from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Professor Charlie Wang, from the University of Manchester (UoM) are invited to present the works and shared their valuable insights. Our Program Coordinator and Principal Investigator, Professor Yeung Yam has delivered a overview speech of Technological Development of CPII’s Program on Fabrication of Personalized Wearables.

We discussed future directions and their potential applications. These technologies aim to support and lead ongoing and future shifts in the wearable industry, transitioning from size-based to shape-based manufacturing, from 2D to 3D/4D fabrication, from wearable to functional wearable, and from using traditional to non-traditional materials for augmented capabilities.