China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Meeting

Professor Helen Meng Shares Insights on Responsible AI Development at China Artificial  Intelligence Industry Annual Meeting

CPII is delighted to announce that our Centre Director, Prof. Helen Meng, was invited to speak at the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Meeting (CAIIAM2022) held in Suzhou on 7 May. The conference brought together leading experts and industry professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence to discuss the ethical and governance issues surrounding large-scale AI models.

During the conference, Professor Meng emphasized the importance of responsible AI development and ethical considerations. She pointed out that ethical norms should be considered from a macro perspective, and that ethical considerations must be prioritized in the design phase of AI development. Additionally, Professor Meng highlighted the significance of human involvement in decision-making processes and the complexity of bias in AI. She stressed that safety and ethics should be key factors in production standards from the outset of research and development.


The whole meeting can be reviewed on the following website: