Partnering with Key Global Institutions to Establish the Principles on AI for Climate Action

Principles on AI for Climate Action

CPII is partnering with key global institutions from Artificial Intelligence (AI) Science and Technology to establish the Principles on AI for Climate Action. To address the importance of global climate change and ecosystems, CPII is now partnering with key global institutes, including International Research Center for AI Ethics and Governance of Institute of Automation, Institute for AI International Governance of Tsinghua University, Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence of Technical University of Munich, Center for AI and Data Governance of Singapore Management University, SPARK UNDP Sustainable Development Goals Innovation Lab, CUHK’s Stanley Ho Big Data Decision Analytics Research Centre, AI for Sustainable Development Goals Cooperation Network, Centre for AI Research from South Africa, Research Center for Brain-inspired Intelligence from Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Institute for Science and Technology Policy of Tsinghua University. We believe that stakeholders of AI industry should deeply collaborate with other sectors to address climate change and to contribute to the global climate agenda. ​ The proposed principles and recommended actions including but not limited to energy conservation, privacy protection, fairness and justice, climate analysis and forecasting, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, empowering the development of energy systems, and contributing to the establishment of carbon trading mechanism. For more details, please check out here: