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The World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2022 - Hong Kong Branch

EVENT | SEP | 2022


CPII is pleased to announce that the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2022 – Hong Kong Branch organized by the Innovation and Technology Commission with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation was successfully held on 1 Sep 2022 at Hong Kong Science Park. The Centre Director, Prof. Helen Meng was invited to give a speech on her latest development of CPII research and participate in the interactive exhibition showcasing their latest AI Innovations with her team.


The event took place simultaneously with the annual WAIC event in Shanghai, where the world's leading AI summit originated. This year's WAIC carried the theme of "Intelligent Connectivity" and "Infinite Multiverse". A number of influential scholars, representatives from public service organizations, entrepreneurs, and government officials including the Under Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Ms. Lillian Cheong on behalf of the Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Professor Sun Dong engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanged views on artificial intelligence (AI) and smart city development. Over 230 participants joined the conference in person and about 1.2 million views through livestreaming. There were about 30 featured research and development platforms as well as enterprises participating in the interactive exhibition, signifying Hong Kong's rapid growth as a global hub for AI innovation and development.

Professor Helen Meng delivered an invited keynote lecture at the World AI Conference 2022 (Hong Kong) entitled “Nuturing Talent for Hong Kong’s AI Sector”.

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